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Indiana Ultrasound Tech Training - IN

Steps to Become an Ultrasound Technician in Indiana

    1. Graduate from high school or get a GED. Medical Imaging Technology students should have a high school diploma or its equivalent when they enter into an undergraduate program. Students who are admitted into an MIT program typically have high ACT scores, strong academic records, high community involvement, solid analytical and interpersonal skills, and a thorough background in English, communications, mathematics, physics, and biology.

  1. Shadow a professional. Indiana's radiologic technology schools recommend that students observe a technician before they enter into a program. Shadowing a Sonographer or Radiologic Technician can help students gain a better understanding of their future career, and help them decide whether radiologic technology is the correct choice for them. If they decide to pursue a career in radiologic technology, their observation experience can bring them one step closer to being admitted into an MIT program.
  2. Undergo a full physical exam and vaccination schedule. Applicants must be healthy and physically capable of performing their clinical duties when they apply for their MIT program. They should undergo a full physical examination before they submit their application, and provide their university with proof that they are up-to-date with their mumps, measles, vercilla, tuberculosis, and hepatitis b vaccinations. If they have not been vaccinated for any of these illnesses, they should begin a vaccination schedule six to eight months before they begin their program.
  3. Get a Bachelor's Degree in Medical Imaging Technology. Indiana ultrasound technician training programs put their students through a dual Associate's and Bachelor's degree program, which means that they will be licensed and certified for more than one profession by their graduation date. Students must go through the Associate's degree program and be licensed as a Radiologic Technician before they can pursue their Bachelor's degree. Once they have satisfied all the Bachelor's degree requirements, they can take the ARRT exam.
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