Become a Vet Tech in Indiana

Students must graduate from an Indian veterinary technician program that is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Fortunately, there are six such education and training programs available through state universities and colleges, private schools, as well as technical and career institutes of higher education. These programs are anywhere between eighteen months and four years in length.

By graduating from a veterinary technician program, Indiana students can earn of the following awards: Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology, Associate of Science in Veterinary Technician, Associate of Health Science in Veterinary Technology, or even a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology. Students more interested in online programs will be pleased to find that Indiana offers students the option of earning degrees in veterinary assisting, veterinary technology, and occupational therapy assisting from the convenience of home. All on-campus education programs do include practical training in a clinical setting. Students enrolling in distance learning or online programs will need to seek supervised hands-on training opportunities if it is not already offered within a chosen program.

Curriculum requirements will differ between programs, yet most schools will instruct subjects like veterinary ethics and law, drug administration, animal safety and behavior, and recordkeeping. Some specific courses found in some programs throughout Indiana include: Medical Calculations, Animal Science and Management, Veterinary Pharmacology, and Anatomy and Physiology of Animals.

Veterinary Technician Schools