Integrative Medicine Careers in Arizona - AZ

When exploring the field of integrative medicine, there are a variety of integrative medicine jobs in Arizona that are available. A variety of health professionals can benefit from training in integrative medicine, including non licensed mental health professionals, reflexologists, nutritionists, herbalists, Reiki therapists, massage therapists and other alternative medicine practitioners. Online courses are also available in program form or singly for those wishing to learn more about topics in integrative medicine. Some of this training focuses on integrative mental health, botanical foundations, nutrition and cancer, and whole systems of medicine. To qualify for training to become board certified in integrative health (BCIH) or board certified in integrative medicine (BCIM) by the American Association of Integrative Medicine, one simply needs a bachelor degree or five years of experience.

Job opportunities for those interested in integrative medicine careers in Arizona exist throughout the state. Integrative medicine job opportunities are possible in Native American Connections, Inc. in Phoenix; the University of Arizona Program in Integrative Medicine in Tucson; Foothills Chiropractic in Cave Creek; Greenbush Natural Products in Fountain Hills; Choices Integrative Health in Sedona; A Safe Place to Heal Our Sedona in Sedona; Prescott Natural Medical Center in Prescott; and Country Club Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Flagstaff.

Integrative Medicine Schools