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Integrative Medicine Careers in Illinois - IL

Using principles that treat the body as a whole, integrative medicine can be utilized to treat a variety of conditions involving bodily systems. Some of these include allergies, Lyme disease, heart disease, stroke, thyroid problems, nutrition deficits and disorders such as chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia. Integrative medicine emphasizes the connection between our thoughts and the way our bodies respond or react based on those thoughts. With the myriad of conditions and diseases it can treat, it is clear that there are many opportunities for integrative medicine jobs in Illinois.

Around Illinois, there are many integrative medicine practices and centers where those with training in this innovative medicine field may seek employment. They include Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group in Chicago, Health Works Integrative Medical Clinic in Chicago, Whole Health Chicago (also in Chicago), U-OK Optimal Health Center in Chicago, Integrative Family Health Associates in La Grange, and the Oasis Center for Health in Hinsdale. Students trained in integrative medicine could look for work in the integrative medicine departments of hospitals and medical facilities which contain them, such as Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Methodist Center in Peoria, and Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago.

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