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Integrative Medicine Careers in Kentucky - KY

Integrative medicine is a broad, inclusive field encompassing professions as diverse as conventional medical careers like nursing and emerging alternative practices like massage therapy. Consequently, there are many paths to an integrative medicine career in Kentucky.

Since integrative medicine is just beginning to become well-known in Kentucky, the opportunities for jobs and career development are enormous, both in population centers where many healthcare facilities and practices are looking to hire people with backgrounds in integrative medicine, and in rural areas where few integrative medicine practitioners are currently located. 

Integrative medicine salaries in Kentucky compare very favorably to those in the rest of the country, with the average integrative medicine salary of $102,000 clocking in at 6% higher than the national average. However, salaries for integrative medicine practitioners can vary significantly depending on your profession, field, and qualifications. Practitioners with MD or RN certification are likely to have the highest salaries. Those with significant education and training in fields like chiropractic or nutrition are also likely to have excellent job prospects and salaries. Those pursuing careers in yoga instruction or massage therapy are likely to have lower starting salaries, but they have the potential to achieve high earnings by building a strong and loyal client base.

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