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Integrative Medicine Careers in Minnesota - MN

Minnesota offers good opportunities for careers and jobs in the field of integrative medicine due to a growing interest on the part of patients in wellness-promoting treatments that are not typically part of conventional medical care. Healthcare facilities throughout Minnesota, such as Children’s of Minnesota, United Hospital, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, and St. Mary’s Hospital, offer complementary and integrated healthcare services to the patients that they serve. For example, Children’s of Minnesota takes the approach of, “combining the best of complementary and conventional medical therapeutics to create solutions for children suffering from chronic illness, acute and chronic pain, complex bio-behavioral problems, and emotional challenges.�? 

Salaries for jobs in the integrative medicine field in Minnesota vary, according to position, education and experience. However, as a general guideline, according to, an online source for salary data, jobs in this field in Minnesota average $87,000 annually. In Rochester, the median annual yearly is $91,000. In Minneapolis and St. Paul, known as the Twin Cities, where nearly sixty percent of Minnesota's residents live, the median annual salary is $79,000.

The demographic of the population of the larger cities in Minneapolis suggest that people are more likely to be high school or college graduates, have a higher median family income, and own homes. Additionally Minnesota has a culturally diverse population, with the largest Hmong, Laotian, and Somali population in the United States. These are all factors that make up a population that are said to be more inclined to explore alternative medical care options, in addition to conventional healthcare.

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