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Integrative Medicine Careers in New Hampshire - NH

Integrative medicine is a health care program with foundations and principles based on both science and tradition. Here, the patient is treated as a whole person and he or she is also respected as an individual. All integrative medicine practitioners, regardless of their specialty, stress a patient’s personal empowerment and responsibility in order to attain optimal health. In this way, an integrative medicine practitioner can develop a care plan tailored to fit each patient's needs and to complement each patient’s own personal healing process.

For some integrative medicine jobs in New Hampshire, certification and/or licensure may be necessary in order to practice legally within the state. According to the New Hampshire Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau, the following alternative (or those who could potentially use integrative medicine in their practice) practitioners must have a license in order to practice in New Hampshire: acupuncturist, body art practitioner, chiropractor, esthetician, mental health counselor, dietician, massage therapist, marriage and family therapist, midwife, naturopath, pastoral psychotherapist, psychologist, social worker, and alcohol and drug abuse counselor. To see the individual licensing requirements for your chosen profession, contact the Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau here:

Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau
New Hampshire Employment Security
32 South Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

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