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Integrative Medicine Careers in New York - NY

The medical and health care communities have long since debated over the advantages and disadvantages of providing modern medical assistance to patients rather than using natural alternative solutions. Modern medicine is usually associated with Western culture and could involve surgery, radiation, advanced technology, and manufactured drugs to treat or eliminate harmful conditions of the body. On the other hand, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is usually linked to the Eastern philosophy of medicine and incorporates more indigenous, ancient, and organic (heat, water, light, energy, pressure) methods of sustaining healthy bodies, minds, and spirits. Today, patients now have the option of seeking integrative medicine professionals that use healing techniques gathered from both conventional and unconventional schools of medicine to maximize healthy lifestyles.

Popular integrative medicine jobs in New York include nurses, physicians, medical assistants, podiatrists, ophthalmologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, dieticians, therapists, and physical trainers. These practitioners can commonly find employment anywhere that provides health services to patients. While some opt to join other integrative medicine professionals in multidisciplinary offices, others may eventually start up solo practices. Holistic and alternative health facilities, athletic and health clubs, professional training programs, colleges and university medical centers, medical research institutes, integrative medicine organizations, and hospitals also continue to be a great source of employment. Professionals looking for open positions in cities such as New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, and Syracuse could potentially find career opportunities available at Presbyterian Hospital, Bellevue Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, and Brookdale Hospital. Employers typically prefer to hire integrative medicine workers that have been certified by the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHB), or another recognized national certification agency.

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