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Integrative Medicine Careers in Pennsylvania - PA

Integrative medicine jobs in Pennsylvania cover a broad range of specific practices and health services. Diet and nutrition, naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, chiropractics, massage therapy, reflexology, and many more health related professions could fall under the umbrella of integrative medicine depending on the practitioner's specific approaches. Many beginning integrative medicine professionals start their careers working within a preexisting office practicing a core, in demand skill-set such as massage therapy. After building a client base and a reputation, these professionals may choose to open their own practice where they can focus on more fully developing their unique offerings.

Pennsylvanians spend almost $4,500 every year on medical expenses not covered by insurance, a figure that's much higher than that of several other comparable states. That expenditure may lend to the generally high wages that health practitioners can expect to be paid throughout the state. Estimating income for integrated medicine professionals can be difficult due to the fact that the term covers such a wide array of unique health related professions. Health practitioners in Pennsylvania earn from about $50,000 to over $170,000 each year in specific professions spanning from dietitian through massage therapy, chiropractics, and general practitioners who have acquired an MD.

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