Integrative Medicine Careers in Rhode Island - RI

Integrative medicine jobs in Rhode Island span a variety of different professional opportunities due to the general application of the term. On the whole, health provision demands in the state are rising at a rapid pace, creating a favorable job market for those pursuing a career as a health practitioner. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, several of the most prominent health related occupations are slated for considerable growth. Dietitians, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and general practitioners are expected to witness changes in the demands of their respective professions from 9% - 30% by 2018.

The people of Rhode Island spend about $4,500 on personal medical expenses each year, and the state as a whole invests some 5% of its annual gross product into health related costs. These particularly high medical expenditure figures, combined with Rhode Island's comparatively low unemployment rate of less than 5% make it an excellent place to build an integrated medicine practice. Health practitioners in the state can expect to make between $60,000 and $170,000 annually, depending on their education, training and specific offerings.

Many integrative medicine professionals embark on their career under the wing of an existing practice, offering their most general application health services (massage therapy, chiropractics, etc.) in order to build a client base. Once a reputation has been established and some experience gained, these professionals often launch their own practices or partnerships that take full advantage of alternative healing modalities.

Integrative Medicine Schools

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