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Integrative Medicine Careers in South Carolina - SC

Integrative medicine jobs in South Carolina can command salaries of between $50,000 and around $160,000, depending on the specific practitioner's credentials, education, and area of expertise. The variance in salaries is due to the fact that integrated medicine includes such a wide range of different professions and health support services. Any health professional who offers both conventional and alternative, holistic healing approaches in their practice can be said to be a practitioner of integrative medicine. In South Carolina these professions often include naturopathy, homeopathy, general practice, chiropractics, massage therapy, reflexology and more.

South Carolina's health support occupations are slated for growth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that professions ranging from dietitian to general practitioner are expected to grow between 9% and 30% in the next eight years.

South Carolina invests some 4.3% of their annual gross product into health related services. The people of South Carolina, in addition to purchasing regular medical insurance, spend around $3,500 each year on personal medical expenses not covered by their insurance companies. These expenditures, which are slightly higher than those of near by states, could be important to integrative medicine professionals as their services are not always covered by insurance companies.

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