Integrative Medicine Program in Arizona - AZ

Described as the medicine of the 21st century, integrative medicine is a branch of health care that incorporates the patient into his or her medical team. According to the American Association of Integrative Medicine (AAIM), integrative medicine uses and applies all safe, effective therapies without subscribing to just one school of medical thought. While programs are available for those who are training to become physicians to specialize in integrative medicine, other programs exist for students interested in the allied health professions who want to focus on integrative medicine. Centers for integrative medicine can be found across Arizona, and include the ALETRIS Center of Integrative Medicine in Scottsdale, the Arizona Integrative Medical Center in Scottsdale, the Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona Natural Medicine in Chandler, and the Arizona Center for Integrated Medicine (started by the famous Dr. Andrew Weil) in Tucson.

Integrative medicine programs in Arizona are available online and in person. Many of these programs offer a Bachelor of Science degree in either alternative medicine or integrative medicine, or a certificate in integrative medicine, allowing students to explore the entire field. Courses common to any integrative medicine program include herbology, botany, nutrition, aging, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and antioxidants. This program would be beneficial to nurses, medical technicians, and anyone who plans to have a career in the allied health field.

Integrative Medicine Schools

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