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Integrative Medicine Program in Connecticut - CT

Though some people who decide to undergo integrative medicine education have a background in conventional medicine, previous medical education or degrees aren’t necessary to start your career in integrative medicine. There are plenty of programs, both campus-based and online, that will teach you the key principles and skills you need to know to have a successful and fulfilling integrative medicine career.

If you’re looking for integrative medicine programs in Connecticut, you have many choices: a growing number of hospitals, medical schools, and health centers are offering courses in integrative medicine to help meet the growing demand for integrative medicine practitioners, from acupuncturists to meditation instructors.

There are also a number of online programs in integrative medicine that will help you learn about the basics of this healing art at a time and pace that fits your life.

Whether you take an online or campus-based course, you’ll be learning about the effects that work, environment, family, friends, and diet can have on your physical health, and about ways to balance spiritual, mental, and physical health to help people feel their best.

These programs are the first step for aspiring integrative medicine practitioners in cities like Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, and Norwalk need to get started in an exciting, growing field.

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