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Integrative Medicine Program in Florida - FL

Integrative medicine programs in Florida are becoming more available as many health care providers work to treat the patient on an individual basis as the sum of their physical, psychological, and emotional parts rather than simply diagnosing and treating acute or chronic pain in a specific part of the body. More and more physicians, nurses, and other conventional healthcare providers in Florida are finding ways to treat more than just the symptoms or disease a patient faces. In order to provide these additional therapeutic services t Florida’s citizens, physicians either need to be trained in how to perform them or hire someone already trained. Integrative medical practices are a combination of conventional medical practices with complementary and alternative methods such as naturopathy, acupuncture, or biofeedback.

For currently licensed traditional health professionals in Florida, adding alternative or integrative therapies to the possibilities of treatment is a matter of deciding which types of additional services to provide, and then obtaining the necessary education. For example, biofeedback certification requires 48 hours of classroom study, 20 hours of practical, supervised experience, and 50 sessions with a client. On the other hand, a licensed acupuncturist may require more than 3000 hours of training. Some courses for various types of integrative medicine programs may be available online; practical experience is critical for learning and understanding how the therapy works and can be used in combination with traditional medical practices.

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