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Integrative Medicine Program in Georgia - GA

Integrative medicine programs in Georgia vary depending on the type of complementary and alternative medicine a person is interested in. Integrative medicine is, by definition, the combination of traditional mainstream medical information and protocols and complementary and alternative methods. The focus is on using the best possible resources for each individual patient, taking into account everything affecting the patient: diet, beliefs, environment, work, family background. The premise behind integrative medicine is that people are more than just their physical ailments, so addressing only the physical issues is only addressing part of the problem. Integrative medicine allows for the best of all therapies to be utilized to enhance the patient’s health and well-being.

Georgians who already have a certification in a traditional health care career (such as registered nurses, physicians, audiologists, pharmacists, etc.) can become board certified in integrative medicine if they desire by fulfilling the qualifications set forth by the American Association of Integrative Medicine. These qualifications include a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or certification and five years experience in the specialty, plus state licensure and compiling a minimum number of points based on educational and professional background. There is also an exam that qualified candidates can take to earn their BCIM certification.

If candidates choose not to obtain a certification in integrative medicine, they still must obtain the necessary education and practical experience in the complementary and alternative discipline (or disciplines) in order to treat patients successfully.

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