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Integrative Medicine Program in Hawaii - HI

Integrative medicine programs in Hawaii are focused on incorporating the healing traditions of the state’s native cultures and ethnicities. Historically, holistic remedies have been used in Hawaii for many centuries. Today, however, integrative medicine programs in Hawaii create a unique blend of current scientific reasoning and natural healing methods to provide the best care for its residents.

The basis of courses in this specialty is to help students understand how holistic approaches can be infused into medical treatment to achieve optimal patient care. In general, most students seeking education in integrative medicine are licensed physicians, registered nurses, or certified nurse practitioners. For medical professionals in Hawaii, taking courses in integrative medicine allows them to expand their area of expertise and incorporate the benefits of natural healing into their practices.

In Hawaii, courses in integrative medicine can be taken at the certificate level for supplemental education, or they can be the focus of a bachelors or masters medical degree.

  • Mind, body, and soul connection
  • Physical activity and nutrition
  • Herbs and plants
  • Water therapy

With an education in integrative medicine, practitioners in all areas of Hawaii, including Hilo, Honolulu, and Kailua, can prepare for careers within any healthcare facility that supports the use of natural or holistic approaches to medicine.

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