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Integrative Medicine Program in Iowa - IA

Integrative medicine programs in Iowa combine the practices of Western medicine with one or more of the complementary and alternative medicine therapies. The goal of the integration is to best serve the patient as a whole—not only the disease, but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the patient’s life. Based on the premise that each aspect of a person’s make-up affects the other aspects, integrative medicine is not limited to using one type of therapy to treat the symptoms seen in one area, but rather to treat every part. As such, practitioners of integrative medicine have training in Western medical practices, including utilizing the diagnostic tools available, as well as training in biofeedback, hypnosis, homeopathy, or other types of alternative medicine.

Various hospitals in Iowa incorporate some forms of alternative therapy into their range of care options. For example, Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines offers classes in yoga and massage therapy. Saint Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids lists massage and acupuncture as alternative strategies for dealing with back pain. In Davenport, Genesis Health System offers massage therapy at its Integrative Wellness Center as well as specialists who specialize in pain management, osteopathic manipulation, and biofeedback.

By taking courses in alternative medicine modalities, you can offer patients a wide array of pain management and self-help strategies that may not be found in traditional Western medicine practices.

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