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Integrative Medicine Program in Massachusetts - MA

Most professionals that work in integrative medicine have used a two-pronged approached towards education. Many begin by earning at least a bachelor degree with a major in science or health care to learn mainstream views regarding Western techniques in medical treatment. Others may enter into nursing or pre-medical programs to accomplish this. However, integrative medicine students also benefit from formal education in natural health remedies. Instead of simply fixing physical ailments, natural health therapies seek to promote wellness by examining the interconnectedness of an individual’s mind, body, community, spirit, diet, attitude, and energy.

Students that are interested in earning a natural health degree are encouraged to consider an online education. Luckily, New England students can find a variety of these programs through career universities and academic institutes of higher learning. These programs are often unique because unlike traditional schooling, online programs can be completed from the privacy of the home or office, provide students flexibility in course scheduling, and offer degrees that are more specific to integrative and alternative medicine. Students that choose an online integrative medicine program in Massachusetts can earn the following awards: Diploma in Herbal Studies, Associate of Applied Science in Complimentary Alternative Medicine, Associate of Science in Holistic Health Care, Certificate of Excellence in Reflexology, Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine, and more. Massachusetts students that enroll in these programs could take courses like Dynamic Phototherapy, Herbology and Botany, Nutrition and Aging, Homeopathy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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