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Integrative Medicine Program in Michigan - MI

Integrative medicine programs in Michigan provide an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates the belief that a patient is best served when the whole individual is the focus. As such, integrative medicine studies the complete human being, their mind, body, spirit and emotions, as well as all aspects of their life and their environment.  Courses in integrative medicine are available as part of a number of programs including certification, traditional medical school training, fellowships, continuing education, and seminars.

Students in Michigan are encouraged to take courses to obtain a basic understanding of properly obtaining a patient’s history, including critical safety and interaction issues and the consequences of a collaborative approach to patient care.

Basic and introductory coursework covers an overview of approaches to complementary and alternative medicine; alternative approaches to managing and alleviating musculoskeletal pain and the theory and practice of mind-body medicine.

The next part of an integrative medicine program covers herbal and botanical medical alternatives and explores a variety of approaches for treating anxiety, mood disorders and depression.  These approaches may comprise nutrition, acupuncture, exercise, herbal treatments, meditation, and expressing feelings and emotions through writing in a journal. Psychopharmacology and nutrition is also taught.

A clinical practice component is an important part of integrative medical training and students may find opportunities to practice care at medical facilities in Michigan, including William Beaumont Hospital, Traverse City State Hospital, Children's Hospital of Michigan, and Henry Ford Hospital.

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