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Integrative Medicine Program in New Hampshire - NH

The term “integrative medicine�? encompasses a broad range of complementary and alternative methods and techniques. The Center for Integrative Medicine in Concord, New Hampshire notes that the following may all fall under the heading of integrative medicine: acupuncture, behavioral medicine, biodynamic therapy, chiropractic, homeopathy, hyperbaric treatment, hypnotherapy, massage therapy, naturopathy, neuromuscular therapy, psychotherapy, physical therapy, Reiki therapy, Rosen method body work, somatic experiencing, and women’s health care.

Because of the vastness of the techniques used in the field of integrative medicine, there are many integrative medicine programs in New Hampshire for students who want to train for a degree or certificate in one of the integrative medicine disciplines. Whether you desire to become a physician and want to add integrative medicine to your complement of techniques and skills, or if you want to become a health practitioner who is well-trained in alternative therapies, the perfect integrative medicine courses are available to help you get the integrative medicine degree you desire. Once you graduate, there are a plethora of opportunities for employment in integrative medicine facilities and clinics around New Hampshire. They can be found in places including Belknap County, Cheshire County, Grafton County, Hillsborough County, Strafford County, Sullivan County and Rockingham County.

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