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Integrative Medicine Program in New Jersey - NJ

People commonly use the term “integrative medicine�? interchangeably with “alternative medicine�? but in fact integrative medicine stands on it’s own as being different from the exclusive practice of alternative methods. Essentially, integrative medicine is a developing field that bridges together conventional Western medicine and non-invasive natural health care practices. Rather than focusing on isolated biological ailments, integrative medicine professionals assess the big picture of the human condition (mind, body, and spirit) to initiate overall healthy lifestyles. East Coasters that are interested in learning more about integrative medicine or want to begin a career in this capacity can begin by participating in integrative medicine programs in New Jersey.

Introductory education into integrative medicine is not limited to academic degree programs. Health care providers like Cooper University Hospital, Saint Barnabus Ambulatory Care Center-Siegler Center for Integrative Medicine, Steeplechase Cancer Center, and the Division of Integrative Medicine at Raritan Bay Medical Center offer support groups, seminars, courses, and community programs to the general public that instruct in integrative medicine applications for pain management, breastfeeding, stress reduction, weight management, health and wellness, child care, rehabilitation, life support, and other health concerns. By getting involved in some of these programs, ordinary citizens get a chance to take classes that illustrate the benefits of implementing integrative medicine into everyday life. While these informal programs can certainly provide a small glimpse into the wide spectrum of integrative medicine, those with serious career goals in integrative medicine will definitely need to complete formal education and training classes from an established academic institution. 

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