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Integrative Medicine Program in New Mexico - NM

Integrative medicine is not just a “feel-good,” “New Age” type of medical remedy. It is a marriage of traditional Western medicine with tried-and-true ancient Eastern practices. In fact, integrative medicine is becoming so well-respected around the world that many educational programs and degrees in integrative medicine are available for those interested in studying this exciting field, which is rich with opportunities. The Southwest part of the United States, including New Mexico, offers many schools, courses and classes for students who want to pursue integrative medicine.

Integrative medicine programs in New Mexico are available both in distance learning format (online) and in more traditional brick and mortar colleges and universities. An array of courses and degrees are possible in this discipline. Some of these include a Bachelor of Natural Health Sciences, a Master of Natural Health Sciences, a Bachelor or Master in Mind/Body Integrative Studies, a variety of doctor programs in homeopathy and natural sciences, and many certificate programs. In New Mexico, you can take classes to get a certificate in general integrative medicine, or in a discipline of integrative medicine such as nutrition, herbology, homeopathy, pain management, colon hydrotherapy, polarity therapy, shamanic studies, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, iridology, darkfield microscopy, bach flower, naturopathic manipulations, and more.

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