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Integrative Medicine Program in Ohio - OH

Integrative medicine programs in Ohio will offer you training from four major categories in patient care focusing on alternatives to conventional medicine. First, there are programs that focus on biological based practices that involve training you to help patents with diet, nutrition, use of herbs, and extracts, and certain foods. Next, manipulative practices such as chiropractic treatment focus on systems and structures of the human body. Programs in this part of alternative medicine also include massage and reflexology.

The third category offers training in programs that deal with mind-body techniques such as meditation, yoga, and biofeedback. The fourth area of alternative medicine believes that energy therapies can restore disturbances in the body's natural energy. Qi gong and Reiki are two areas of practice dealing with energy.

Many alternative programs are stand-alone certifications that allow you to practice in that branch of medicine. While these programs do not always require a degree, they still demand coursework and some type of hands-on field training or internship. Some students choose to seek programs that are separate from traditional degree programs in order to move into their careers as quickly as possible. Other alternative medical careers require graduate and post graduate degrees such as a chiropractic or osteopathic doctors.

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