Integrative Medicine Program in Oregon - OR

Integrative medicine programs in Oregon are as diverse and robust as any student's personal goals and ambitions in the field could require. Due to the broad, holistic, approach which integrative medicine takes to personal health, and the vast amount of individual practices that fall into the family of integrated health practice, there are several points of entry into education in this field. Students can begin their health studies or augment existing education with one or several of abounding classes, workshops, certifications, or customized programs.

Many students in Oregon choose to further their education and their careers by taking advantage of distance learning opportunities such as on-line classes and vocational studies. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, roughly two-thirds of the nation's public and private colleges offer some assortment of distance learning options, for both college credit and subject matter certification purposes. Many universities offer distance education in an attempt to meet the unique needs of their students. In a study performed in 2007 by the Department of Education, nearly 70% of universities which offered distance learning claimed that providing flexible schedules and education opportunities to those that otherwise may have none was the top reason for establishing these programs.

Integrative Medicine Schools