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Integrative Medicine Program in Texas - TX

The use of integrative medicine in the health care system continues to grow in popularity across the country. Basically, integrative medicine bridges the gap between contemporary medical care and holistic and natural wellness. Patients are drawn to integrative medicine because it emphasizes the importance of patient-practitioner relationships, is generally more cost-effective, promotes responsibility for personal health, and focuses on establishing overall healthy lifestyles instead of simply eradicating localized afflictions. Integrative medicine is not a synonym for alternative medicine; however, it can encompass the five major areas of complementary and alternative medicine: alternative medicine systems, mind and body interventions, biological-based therapies, manipulative body-based methods, and energy therapies.

Many people are under the impression that all integrative medicine programs can solely designed for academic students earning a degree. Actually, there are several integrative medicine programs in Texas that are more geared toward general education, public information, specific training, and community involvement rather than academic credit. Admittedly, many of these programs are affiliated with area university and college medical centers, yet they are still accessible to outside parties. The MD Anderson Cancer Center, the Living Well Health and Wellness Center, and the Center for Integrative Medicine are among some of the more prominent program providers in the state. By becoming actively involved in an integrative medicine and health center, average Americans get the opportunity to attend workshops, seminars, conferences, counseling sessions, structured classes, online courses, support groups, and lectures that provide awareness in matters of integrative medicine.

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