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Integrative Medicine School in Alabama - AL

There are many ways to access integrative medicine schools in Alabama.  In this day of advanced technology and the availability of online courses and programs, the certification to designate you as qualified in integrative medicine is only a click away.  This non-traditional way of acquiring education frees the student up to reside in any part of the state he/she wishes.  There are many beautiful, rural spots in Alabama that prior to this opportunity were not acceptable places in which to seek an education. 

The larger cities of Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile and Huntsville do have increased opportunities due to the number of people and professionals working in the field of integrative medicine there.  There are more possibilities to complete internships and work with other professionals and learn from them.  However, these opportunities exist for all people in the state; they just might take a little more research to locate for students residing in Alabama’s smaller towns. 

There are a number of hospitals in Alabama that could provide valuable work experience and resources for entering into the field of integrative medicine.  These include Huntsville Hospital, Mobile Infirmary Medical Center, Saint Vincent’s Birmingham and DeKalb Regional Medical Center.  Any of these facilities are sound places to investigate for opportunities in the field of integrative medicine and as educational resources.

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