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Integrative Medicine School in Massachusetts - MA

Integrative medicine is a general term used to describe any treatment that combines conventional medical knowledge with alternative holistic approaches to healing. Therefore, professionals that practice integrative medicine typically have a strong background in health, science, and medicine as well as additional training in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Admittedly, most integrative medical providers are physicians, nurses, therapists, or other health care practitioners. However, practically anyone can start learning the basics of this field by taking advantage of integrative medicine programs in Massachusetts offered by area health centers such as the Oscher Clinical Center for Complimentary and Integrative Medical, the Marion Center for Integrative Health, the Lydian Center of Innovative Medicine, and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society. Those that do not want to commit to an entire program can also attend seminars, presentations, lectures, and workshops sponsored by integrative medicine centers. These programs consist of classes in nutrition, massage therapy, sound healing, homeopathy, stress reduction, yoga, acupuncture, and other aspects integrative medicine.

While these non-degree programs provide a great introduction into the field of integrative medicine they are unlikely lead to a career without a substantial amount of additional education and training. In fact the most successful professionals that practice integrative medicine have earned a degree from an accredited college, university, or medical school. Therefore, students are expected to first gain a bachelor degree in a major like biology, public health, health science, medical assisting, or nursing. After gaining an undergraduate degree, students can gain entrance into a graduate or medical school and earn a Doctorate of Medicine, Master of Arts, or a Master of Science degree. Right now there aren’t any integrative medicine schools in Massachusetts but students will find targeted programs online.
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