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Integrative Medicine School in Minnesota - MN

Minnesota offers a variety of education options for those interested in pursuing programs through integrative medicine schools that includes campus-based, online and continuing education training. Students can attain credentials that range from degrees to certificates and post baccalaureate certificates. Exploring integrative therapies in the context of science, research and clinical trials, these schools foster scientific inquiry into new methods of healing, and encourage collaboration among faculty members, students and patients.

Courses for integrative health and healing that are part of an integrative medicine school curriculum in Minnesota typically begin with an introduction and survey of the field of integrative health and healing.  Here students are introduced to emerging trends in holistic health care and how these methods can complement and integrate with conventional medicine. Other courses that are part of a curriculum include energy healing; movement and body manipulation therapies; holistic healing systems; mind and body connections; food as medicine; biologically-based therapies; spirituality and healing; health and wellness coaching skills; introduction to qigong and healing touch.

Additionally, courses in business and alternative medicine cover the administrative function of a healthcare practice. Finance, insurance and the legality of holistic healing are discussed. Students learn marketing and communication strategies to implement if they are interested in establishing their own integrative medicine practice in their local Minnesota community.

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