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Integrative Medicine School in New Jersey - NJ

Since integrative medicine is a fusion of contemporary medicine and alternative health assistance, professionals pursuing a career in this domain must be well versed in each perspective. Therefore, most integrative medicine professionals have a strong background in medicine and specialize in a complimentary health aspect or have dual degrees thereof. Integrative medicine does not imply any one profession or school of medicine. As a result, there is no clear educational blueprint to follow. Yet, because integrative medicine involves patient care, employers will expect, if not require, employees to hold an associate degree or higher in a health discipline. Although an associate degree may help to land an entry-level position, those aspiring to cultivate long-lasting careers and establish a physician’s practice will eventually need to earn a doctorate degree.

Students looking for integrative medicine schools in New Jersey should first locate state colleges and universities or online and distance programs that offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs in majors such as clinical laboratory science, nursing, interdisciplinary sciences, physical rehabilitation and movement, psychiatric counseling, primary care, medicine, nutritional science, and biomedical science. By completing one of these education programs New Jersey students could earn a Doctor of Philosophy in Nutrition Sciences, Graduate Certificate in Aging, Master of Science in Health Systems, Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Therapy, Master of Science in Health Services—Integrative Health and Wellness Track, and more. After obtaining a medical or health degree, students should choose an alternative medicine area(s) of specialty such as homeopathy, Chinese medicine, polarity therapy, exercise and fitness, massage therapy, herbalism, electroacupuncture, or cranial sacral therapy just to name a few. If alternative medicine education and training programs are scarce, then students are urged to find them online.

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