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Integrative Medicine School in New Mexico - NM

Integrative medicine emphasizes prevention of disease as well as general, overall wellness. Using both ancient and modern techniques, integrative medicine practitioners treat all sorts of conditions and disorders of the body. Integrative medicine schools in New Mexico abound across the state, and can instruct students both online and in-person in the techniques, skills and knowledge of this fascinating medical discipline.

Students training to become doctors or nurses can find a variety of medical courses that focus on integrative medicine in New Mexico. They focus on using integrative approaches in family and community medicine, perspectives in integrative medicine, and even a rotation for medical residents in integrative medicine. Students in New Mexico who are training in other medical disciplines could benefit from additional training at the college or university level in integrative medicine as well. Techniques involving acupuncture, yoga, pain relief, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and meditation are offered to both students and to the general public in schools across New Mexico. The Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine is working to get more schools across the country to not only offer integrative medicine as an option among their current disciplines, but also to specialize in the discipline of integrative medicine (which in itself is an interdisciplinary program combining many different disciplines of medicine).

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