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Integrative Medicine School in New York - NY

Students concentrating on starting a career in integrative medicine should be prepared for formal education in both traditional medicine and alternative health care. Since integrative medicine is still emerging as its own discipline, students may find it difficult to find integrative medicine schools in New York. However, most professionals compensate for the lack of integrative medicine degree programs by earning undergraduate and/or graduate degrees from accredited colleges, universities, or medical schools in a conventional health care major in addition to earning one in a complementary medicine specialty.

While most integrative medical practitioners ultimately become doctors of medicine, students can always start by earning an associate, bachelor, or master degree in subjects such as biology, chemistry, psychology, physics, neural science, public health, nutrition, genetics, or any other major that is based in medicine, health or science. Once this is accomplished, students will need to pick and choose which alternative medicine specialties they want to focus on and gain formal education thereof. Many students tend to favor online complementary medicine programs because they offer more degree options than on-site campuses. In New York, students can complete online and distance learning programs that may result in a Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine, Mind Body Wellness Practitioner Diploma, or a Hypnotherapy Certificate.

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