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Integrative Medicine School in South Dakota - SD

Education and training are an important and necessary part of integrative medicine. Although there is no integrative medicine school in South Dakota, there are ways to obtain the education and training that will allow you to practice integrative medicine. Students can pursue a traditional medical degree and then supplement that knowledge with additional study in alternative medicine such as homeopathy, reflexology, nutrition, Reiki, herbalism, or massage therapy.

The American Association of Integrative Medicine ( offers two credentials that attest to the professionalism and knowledge of the practitioner. To earn the credential BCIH (Board Certified in Integrative Health), a candidate must have the following minimum qualifications: bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or a minimum of five years of experience and be certified in a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modality; and attain 100 points on the BCIH application or pass the BCIH exam.

For those candidates who already have an advanced degree in a traditional Western medicine field (physicians, nurses, physician assistants, etc.), the BCIM credential is more appropriate. The minimum qualifications are basically the same as for the BCIH, except they must have a current license to practice and attain 150 points on the BCIM application or pass the exam. As with many other credentials, those who hold either credential must obtain a minimum number of continuing education units in a designated time period in order to maintain their credential.

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