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Integrative Medicine School in Tennessee - TN

Integrative medicine schools offer online programs, and in Tennessee can be found within medical schools, universities, colleges, and integrative medicine centers. Depending upon your ultimate goal, you can choose the program of education that will lead you there. Physicians who are studying or already have an M.D. or D.O. may want to pursue integrative medicine studies specifically for physicians. Others may elect to enroll in associate or bachelor degree programs in integrative medicine. While these can be found in college and university settings, often they are housed within centers of integrative medicine and taught by integrative medicine practitioners.

Many schools of integrative medicine offer certificate or diploma programs, as opposed to degree programs. For doctors who train in integrative medicine, the option to become board-certified in integrative and/or holistic medicine is appealing. Integrative medicine education provides the students with methods used to treat a patient’s mind, body and spirit, through alternative and traditional medical therapies. It is a collaborative effort between the practitioner and the patient to find the best treatment strategy individualized for the patient. Those who study integrative medicine may use further study and go on to become physicians, practitioners, or nurse practitioners; or may use their integrative medicine studies directly and become an integrative medicine assistant, massage therapist or other a practitioner of another alternative form of therapy.

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