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Integrative Medicine School in Utah - UT

Integrative medicine schools offer online programs, and are available in Utah where they are located within medical schools, colleges, universities, or within centers of integrative medicine practitioners. The education you receive from these integrative medicine schools will be similar no matter where you study. If you are planning to become a physician who specializes in integrative medicine, you will need to become a licensed naturopathic doctor (ND) in order to practice legally in Utah. These types of physicians are trained in both conventional and alternative medical practices. Classes that NDs commonly take include acupuncture, botanical medicine, homeopathy, spinal manipulation, nutrition, pharmacology, health screening, blood testing, prescribing drugs, and evaluating x-rays.

If you choose to train as an ND, you must first attend four years of medical school, but spend the final two years of training in integrative medicine specialties. Once medical school is completed, a prospective ND in Utah must complete a year’s residency and pass state board examinations. If you choose to study integrative medicine to become an allied health professional, plan to go to school for one to four years, depending upon the degree program you choose. Many of your courses will be similar to the ND path, with the exception of prescriptions and duties that are only ascribed to doctors.

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