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Cardiac Sonography Careers in Iowa – IA

Cardiac sonographers are essential to the proper functioning of the American medical system. Also known as echocardiographers, they use ultrasound technology to examine patients’ hearts, capturing images that doctors need to understand patients’ health.

Cardiac sonography is becoming increasingly important as the country’s population gets older and a growing number of Americans suffer from heart problems. In Iowa, where the elderly population is expected to rise from 14.9% of the population to 22.4% over the next twenty years, cardiac sonographers are sure to be in high demand.

But echocardiographers don’t just work with the elderly. Instead, they work with a wide variety of people, from babies and children with congenital heart defects to people who have experienced symptoms of heart problems, including chest pains and fainting spells, and patients with chronic heart disease. Consequently, they must be able to work with people of all ages and backgrounds and put patients who are concerned about their personal health at ease.

Indeed, although cardiac sonography requires advanced technical skills, there is much more to the job than simply technical work. Cardiac sonographers often help doctors in other areas of the practice, from helping maintain records to scheduling appointments.

Iowa’s heart disease rate of 174.8 cases per thousand people is lower than the U.S. average of 190.9, and you can help keep it that way through a cardiac sonographer career in Iowa.

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