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Iowa CNA Salaries

Nurse’s assistants that do not work for a Medicare or Medicaid certified nursing facility are still strongly urged to gain status on the Iowa state registry because it increases hiring potential, heightens salary rates, demonstrates occupational aptitude, and strengthens job security. Moreover, certification promotes career advancement in related healthcare technical professions such as medical aides and home health aides. Also, nurse’s assistant certification is a prerequisite to gain admittance into nursing school. 

One of the many reasons that people are attracted to a health care profession as a certified nurse’s assistant is because of the positive career outlook projected by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. CNAs can look forward to an estimated occupational growth rate of 18% until at least 2018. This growth will create hundreds of thousands of CNA positions nationwide, and Illinois will benefit as a result. Right now CNAs in the United States earn salaries around $27,000 annually. Iowa CNAs also earn an average of $27,000/yr.

Des Moines, Iowa CNA salary:  $23,000/yr
Cedar Rapids, Iowa CNA salary:  $25,000/yr
Davenport, Iowa CNA salary:  $23,000/yr
Sioux City, Iowa CNA salary:  $24,000/yr
Waterloo, Iowa CNA salary:  $23,000/yr

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