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Gerontology Degrees in Iowa - IA

Working as a gerontologist in Iowa is a way to be of service to older people as they pass into the later stages of their lives and face various changes.  A gerontology degree in Iowa can take many different appearances and there are numerous avenues of education available depending on what specialized field you are interested in. 

Applied gerontologists work hands-on with the elderly and their families, assisting them with conquering obstacles and adapting to changes that occur as they age.  A second option is to seek a degree that qualifies you to work as an administrative gerontologist and use your training and leadership skills to develop and maintain programs and policies that manage services for the elderly.  A third option is to use you communication skills as an educator and presenter of information to the elderly in the form of seminar presentations, books, articles, television programs, and radio shows.  Iowa has a number of campus based institutions of higher learning as well as online programs that support the various specializations in gerontology.

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