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Iowa Gerontologist Salaries - IA

Employment in the field of gerontology within the state of Iowa has a secure future.  The healthcare field is the fastest growing profession in the United States and more specifically, the specialized area of gerontology is expected to increase faster than average, and this trend is expected to continue for at least the next decade. 

As the baby boom generation reaches geriatric age, the demand will increase for professionals in Iowa trained in how to assist this large population of elderly people in transitioning into the later stage of life.  Social services for older people will be a major responsibility of the healthcare community and administrative and applied gerontologists will be of great service to working with these community based social programs.

The gerontologist salary in Iowa will reflect the increased need for trained professionals in this healthcare field.  The broad array of specialization opportunities underneath the umbrella of gerontology makes it challanging to give clear insight into the average salaries of a gerontologist in Iowa. Salaries for gerontological physicians is typically around $150,000. However, this is a rewarding and lucrative career for trained professional gerontologists, regardless of the specific area of study they’ve pursued.  

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