Iowa Careers in Healthcare Management - IA

Healthcare administration jobs in Iowa make up some of the most demanding and rewarding careers in the healthcare field, but they are also some of the most evolving and necessary. Because healthcare administration managers in Iowa maintain the quality of patient care through facilitated measures, there are no hospitals or clinics that can function properly without them.

In Iowa, one of the greatest advantages to starting a career in healthcare management is the projected growth and security of the profession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that potentially 16% more healthcare administration professionals will be needed between now and the year 2018. With that said, healthcare administrators in Iowa can rest assured that there will be job opportunities for them in the coming years. Some of the factors driving this increase include:

  • The overall aging of the population and the continued need for both preventative and emergency care
  • Federal regulations demanding more accountability for healthcare efficiency and quality
  • Insurers demanding more quality documentation and patient narrative accounts
  • A push toward pursing preventative care to abate the mostly need for emergency care
  • Health informatics introducing new technology

Healthcare administration jobs in Iowa can be found in several different medical environments, including hospitals, medical clinics, specialty clinics, medical laboratories, nursing homes, and surgical clinics.

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