Iowa Healthcare Administration Salaries - IA

The average healthcare administration salary in Iowa is $78,000 per year, which includes salary figures from recently graduated healthcare administration managers. As you can see, whether are you are new or experienced, you are going to make a substantial amount of money each year in this field.

The most common concern among new graduates of healthcare management programs in Iowa is that they may lack the experience to be noticed by potential employers. The fact is that with the age of the population increasing and more citizens needing medical care, the medical community is moving forward. Healthcare administrators in Iowa will continue to be a part of this growing trend.

It is also worth mentioning that facility type can often have a significant impact on your salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that healthcare administrators in Iowa earned more money by working in hospitals and surgical centers. In contrast, they earned less money by working in obstetrical and family practice offices.

To get a feel for how location will impact your salary, the list below is designed to show you the average salary figures of healthcare administrators in Iowa in various different cities:

  • Des Moines: $64,000
  • Cedar Rapids: $74,000
  • Davenport: $72,000

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