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Long Term Care Class in Iowa - IA

Though not all entrants into this field will undertake the same long term care training in Iowa, as nurses, administrators, and geriatric assistants all specialize in certain areas, there are a number of topics specific to this field that everyone will want a solid grounding in.

One of the most vital is age related diseases. Many, like diabetes, are very pervasive and common in nursing homes, and though usually easy to treat, can be life-threatening and severe if not handled properly. In these classes, you’ll learn about the physiology and symptoms of diseases, proper care methods, and ways to spot early warning and detection signs.

Another standard subject is the sociology and psychology of aging patients. These classes deal with things like the impact of retirement, loss of mobility, and death, and the societal pressures that can affect the aged. Students in these classes learn how to communicate with elderly patients, to look for and help mitigate depression and feelings of uselessness, and how to develop empowering and motivational programs for nursing home residents.

Because a large number of injuries, both severe and not, are due to falling or strain, students of long term care in Iowa also frequently are taught how to prevent such injuries. This ranges from just knowing how to spot high-risk situations and patients, to how to properly lay-out, assemble, and place objects to minimize the risk.

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