Midwife Salary in Iowa - IA

Midwife Salary in Iowa - IA

Iowa Midwife Salaries

Salaries for midwives in Iowa vary according to several factors, including education, experience, location, and the type of health care service the midwife is associated with. Iowa certified nurse-midwives are reimbursed by Medicaid and other insurance plans. Benefits packages also vary depending on the organization and what it can offer employees. It is not uncommon for nurse-midwives to be on call on a regular basis; on-call hours may be paid at a higher rate. Most certified nurse-midwives work in a hospital or medical center setting. Others work in birthing centers and physicians’ offices. Some have their own practice, although this is not as common as the other scenarios.

The majority of certified nurse-midwives are employed in urban areas. Iowa is not a highly populated state, ranking 35th among the United States in population density. Its largest city, Des Moines, has approximately 600,000 residents in the greater metro area. Only two other cities, Cedar Rapids and Davenport, have more than 200,000 residents in their metro population.

Listed below are average annual salaries for certified nurse-midwives in the eight largest cities in Iowa according to Indeed.com:

Des Moines:  $79,000
Cedar Rapids:  $94,000
Davenport:  $97,000
Sioux City:  $81,000
Iowa City:  $96,000
Waterloo:  $79,000
Council Bluffs:  $75,000
Dubuque:  $81,000

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