Radiology Tech Certification in Iowa – IA

As a condition of employment and state licensure, you will need to take a certification test which is given by The American Registry of Radiology Technologists, or the ARRT. There is not a specific Iowa radiology technician certification available, so you only neet to worry about the ARRT exam. Passage of this test will identify you as ready to work in the field of radiology as a radiology technician. The ARRT test is known for being very comprehensive and inclusive. This is where a strong educational background will pay off for you. If you do not have a degree from an accredited college, you may find this test to be very difficult to pass.

The JRCERT works in combination with the ARRT to ensure that what is taught in schools is equivalent in nature to what needs to be understood on the ARRT test. Both of these agencies are dually invested in the growth and development of the field of radiology as a whole. Naturally, this type of growth begins with training and producing quality radiology technicians.

The exam itself will cost you $200 to take. If you are not successful on the first try, you will be permitted to retest; however, you will need to pay $175 fee for every time that you retake the test. In order to save time and money, you should make sure that you are prepared and confident about taking the ARRT test.

Once you have been certified by the ARRT, not only will you be able to continue the licensing process in Iowa, but you will also be able to effectively use the title of “radiology technician” in your work. With this title and certification, you will be required to obtain no less than 24 credit hours of education for every two years. This is deemed as the prerequisite for renewing your ARRT certification.


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