Radiologist Technician Salary in Iowa – IA

Currently, there are approximately 2,560 radiology techs working in Iowa today; while the average radiology tech salary in Iowa is about $45,720. With this type of annual salary, the hourly pay rate averages out to roughly $21.98 per hour. The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a study in May of 2009 that revealed how employment for radiology techs would likely increase by at least 17% within the next 8 years. As the elderly population in Iowa grows, the demand for diagnostic imaging with x-rays, CTs, and MRIs will also increase.

In 1997, about 2,328 hospitalizations were due to brain injuries. Yet, the number of hospitalizations attributed to brain injuries in 1998 dropped to 2,118 admissions. Statistically within these years, the percentage of brain injury admissions dropped from 6.4% to 5.6%. One of the main causes for these types of injuries is accidental falls by the elderly.  With the elderly population continuing to grow in Iowa, it is possible that these numbers may begin to increase again. However, radiology techs are qualified to use cutting-edge technology that can identify the need for immediate medical intervention and help to establish a plan of care for the patient.

Average salaries for radiology techs across Iowa:

  • Des Moines:  $48,400
  • Cedar Rapids:  $40,600
  • Davenport:  $46,770
  • Dubuque:  $48,140
  • Iowa City:  $52,350
  • Sioux City:  $45,980
  • Waterloo:  $47,480

Salaries are provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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