How to Become a Radiology Tech in Iowa - IA

Step #1: Iowa State License and Limited License

In the State of Iowa, every student is required to apply for and successfully obtain a state license before they can begin working as a radiology technician. The Iowa Department of Public Health Bureau of Radiologic Health is the department that will be able to provide you with this license.

In this state, you can obtain a license as either a general radiographer or as a limited in-hospital radiographer. The difference is that the limited in-hospital radiographer is only permitted to work in a hospital environment and can only perform radiologic procedures on certain areas of the body, whereas a general radiographer can work in any type of clinic or hospital and can provide testing on a wide variety of body areas.

Before you can apply for your state license, there are a few requirements you must meet to be considered eligible, and they include:

  1. Must graduate from an approved and accredited Iowa radiology tech training program.
  2. Must complete and pass a certification exam administered by the ARRT.
  3. Must also complete the license application and pay all applicable fees.

Step# 2: Learn about Accreditation

The program of educational study that you choose must be recognized by the Iowa Department of Public Health Bureau of Radiologic Health. In order for the state to recognize your studies, the school will need to be accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology, which is also called the JRCERT.

The JRCERT is a nationally well-known organization in the aspect of radiologic technology. Their agency is regarded with the highest of esteem by those in the field and by the United States Department of Education for the role that they play in laying out the groundwork for education. In addition, when you begin looking for work, you will soon begin to realize the value of your connection with the JRCERT, as most employers consider accreditation a condition of employment.

Another reason that accreditation with the JRCERT is so valuable is because the ARRT also requires it in order for you to receive your certification. You can see that your professional career as a radiology technician is not going to take off if your education is not started off on the right foot.

Radiology Technician Schools

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