Salary for a Registered Nurse in Iowa - IA

Iowa Registered Nurses Salaries

According to Indeed.com, registered nurses as a whole in Iowa earn approximately $72,000.  Amounts by individual cities are as follows:

Des Moines, Iowa RN Salary:  $62,000
Cedar Rapids, Iowa RN Salary:  $65,000
Davenport, Iowa RN Salary:  $62,000
Sioux City, Iowa RN Salary:  $64,000
Waterloo, Iowa RN Salary:  $61,000
Iowa City, Iowa RN Salary:  $67,000
Council Bluffs, Iowa RN Salary:  $60,000
Dubuque, Iowa RN Salary:  $62,000
Ames, Iowa RN Salary:  $63,000
Cedar Falls, Iowa RN Salary:  $63,000

The city-level amounts are approximately $10,000 less than the state average in most of the cities shown.   The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median salary for a registered nurse in May of 2008 was approximately $62,450. This is in line with the city-level data for cities in Iowa.  The highest salaries are for those working for employment services with an average salary of $68,160 and the lowest salary is for registered nurses working in nursing care facilities and earning an approximate salary of $57,060.  Salaries between these highs and lows are those registered nurses working in hospitals, physician offices, and home health care services.   The highest ten percent of those in the field of registered nursing can earn a high of as much as $92,240.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics also reports that approximately 21% of registered nurses are members of a union, one of the advantages of being in this field.

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