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Kansas CNA Salaries

After certification is achieved, CNAs in Kansas can lawfully gain employment and look forward to a hopeful occupational outlook. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that CNAs nationwide can expect a growth rate of 18% more than the combined averages for all occupations.

This trend is projected to continue until 2018. Keeping in mind that job salaries for CNAs can differ widely depending on education, certification, years of professional experience and geographic region, CNAs in Kansas earn about $24,000/yr. In general, jobseekers are typically drawn to more popular or larger cities where higher populations demand more attention from health care workers. The following list represents the average Kansas CNA salary by major cities:

Wichita:  $25,000/yr
Topeka:  $22,000/yr
Overland Park:  $21,000/yr
Kansas City:  $21,000/yr
Lawrence:  $20,000/yr

*To find these and other salary estimations for cities in Kansas go to indeed.com

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