Medical Office Manager Salary in Kansas – KS

The average medical office manager salary range in Kansas is usually between $59,000 and $62,000, depending on impacting factors. On a national level, the median 50% of professionals in this field earned between $62,170 and $104,120 in 2008. As you can see, there is a lot of financial potential in medical office management.

In Kansas, the factor that most heavily impacts your salary is years of experience. Recent graduates obviously will not have experience, but they will be starting out in a field that is growing dynamically. So, employment opportunities for new grads should be readily available, even though their annual income may be on the lower side until they gain some on-the-job experience.

Currently, there is no state licensing law that exists for medical office managers, which means that they are not required to hold state licensure. With the absence of licensure, it is quite important that individuals in this field find other ways to validate themselves professionally. You can do this by becoming an active member of a state organization known as the Kansas Medical Group Management Association, or even the national organization known as the Professional Association and Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM).

Average medical office management salaries in Kansas by city:

  • Kansas City: $56,000
  • Overland Park: $53,000
  • Wichita: $66,000

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