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Kansas Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Kansas Medical Technician Training and Degrees

Kansas colleges offer several different kinds of programs in medical technology studies. The most common Kansas medical technician training program is a bachelor’s of science program in clinical lab science, which is available at several of the larger universities and online schools. There are associate degree options, but they are primarily external degree programs, with a few based at local community colleges. Any program in clinical lab science should include as much clinical experience as academic coursework, regardless of delivery mechanism. Continuing education is not mandated by the state of Kansas, but is mandated by both national certification agencies. Points/credits can be earned through programs sponsored by those agencies, through continuing education opportunities at local colleges, and through industry-wide conferences and teleconferences.

The Kansas Board of the Healing Arts does not provide licenses for medical technicians at the present time, however the industry hires med techs that are nationally certified through agencies such as the American Medical Technologists (AMT) or the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). Medical technicians work in laboratory settings supervised by pathologists or research scientists, and provide critically important diagnostic and testing services.

The ASCP requires participation by all its medical technicians in a certification maintenance program that requires 36 points in continuing education over a 36-month period. Medical techs have the option to enroll in a continuing education program as well. The AMT also requires its newly certified medical technicians to participate in a certification maintenance program, but its point system requires that techs earn 45 points over three years. Both organizations provide opportunities for additional education through their own programs, and provide documentation tools to track training and education that is earned in other ways.

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