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Medical Transcriptionist Salary in Kansas - KS

Kansas Medical Transcription Salaries

The expected annual Kansas medical transcriptionist salary is about $30,000 per year. CMT’s usually make much more than RMT’s and experience and time in the industry plays a big factor in income, as well.

Get Certified with the AHDI

As the Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity is the only association that governs and oversees the medical transcription profession, they are the only ones authorized to provide certification in the field, as well.

There are two certifications, which the AHDI offers, and they include the RMT, or registered medical transcriptionist, certification and the CMT, certified medical transcriptionist certification. The AHDI requires that all Kansas students interested in testing for the RMT certification have recently graduated for a medical transcription training course; yet the course of training does not have to be approved by the AHDI in order to take the test.

The AHDI is a little stricter over the CMT certification requirements. The CMT examination is only open to existing RMT’s who have at least two years of training working in an acute care setting. The cost of examination for the RMT and CMT testing is $200 and $275, respectively.

An RMT must take at least one online training course every three years in order to keep certification current and valid. A CMT, on the other hand, must complete a minimum of 30 college education credits in medical transcription every three years to keep their CMT status.

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